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New publications help taxpayers get ready and stay ready for tax filing season

With the tax filing season almost here, taxpayers should check out two new IRS publications available on These publications can help people get prepared to submit their tax returns and stay organized with tips for year-round tax planning.

Taxpayers must only pay what they owe

When taxpayers complete their tax returns, some of them will owe money when they file. Here’s the thing…they have the right to pay only the amount of tax that is legally due.

Tax season stress busters straight from the IRS

Even the IRS knows that tax season can be stress season for some people. The IRS wants to help taxpayers as much as possible. With the 2020 tax season here, taxpayers can keep in mind these tips. Following them will help get this year’s taxes done accurately and on time.

Many taxpayers don’t realize they could benefit from the earned income tax credit

The earned income tax credit benefits millions of taxpayers who qualify by putting more money in their pockets. This money can help with things like food, gas, clothing and even saving for a rainy day.

Many taxpayers can file both their state and federal tax returns for free

As taxpayers get ready to file their federal tax returns, most will also be thinking about preparing their state taxes. There’s some good news for filers wanting to save money. Eligible taxpayers can file their federal and state taxes at no cost.

Find out how tax reform affects your businesses' bottom line at

Business may find they have questions about how 2017’s tax reform legislation affects their organization and their bottom line. is a great place to find answers. Here are several resources on the IRS website that address tax reform. 

Here’s what taxpayers should consider when determining if they need to file

As people prepare to file their taxes, there are things to consider. They will want to determine if they need to file and the best way to do so.

Taxpayers can minimize the effects of data theft with these steps

Every day, the theft of personal and financial information puts people at risk of additional problems. Thieves often use the stolen data as quickly as possible to

Here’s what taxpayers should do to protect private data

Taxpayers should protect their personal and financial data from criminals who continue to steal large amounts of information. Thieves use the data to file bogus tax returns and commit crimes while impersonating the victim.

All taxpayers should follow these steps to protect themselves and their data.

Where’s My Refund? tool lets taxpayers check status of their refund

The best way for taxpayers to check the status of their refund is to use the Where’s My Refund? tool on This tool gives taxpayers access to their tax return and refund status anytime. All they need is internet access and three pieces of information:

Here’s what people should know about reporting cash payments

Federal law requires a person to report cash transactions of more than $10,000 to the IRS. Here are some facts about reporting these payments.

Don’t fall for myth-leading information about tax refunds

Now that the April tax-filing deadline has come and gone, many taxpayers are eager to get details about their tax refunds. When it comes to refunds, there are several common myths going around social media.

Don’t fall for myth-leading information about tax refunds

Now that the April tax-filing deadline has come and gone, many taxpayers are eager to get details about their tax refunds. When it comes to refunds, there are several common myths going around social media.

ID theft: Here’s what to look for and what to do when it happens

Tax-related identity theft occurs when a thief uses someone’s stolen Social Security number to file a tax return and claim a fraudulent refund. The victim may be unaware that this has happened until they e-file their return. Even before the victim files their return, the IRS may send the taxpayer a letter saying the agency identified a suspicious return using the stolen SSN.

Here are some things people should know about identity theft, including warning signs and steps to take after identity theft occurs.

Taxpayers who can’t pay their taxes should still file on time

With the April tax filing due date just a few days away, taxpayers should remember to both file and pay any taxes they owe by the deadline. Taxpayers who do not file and pay timely will see their tax debt grow. In fact, penalties and interest can cause a taxpayer’s debt to grow by more than thirty percent in just a few months.

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